Best KZ Earbuds in 2023 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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When it comes to earphones, or IEMs as they are more often known, there is a brand name that everyone should be familiar with.

That’s none other than KZ, a company known for producing many earphones or say great IEM.

If you’re looking for a pair of new headphones that will keep you company over long listening sessions, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s article, I’ll highlight what I consider to be the best Kz in-ear headphones so you can enjoy the fantastic sound from them in any genre of music, including hip-hop, EDM, rock, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at those KZ earphones.

Best Bang for the Bucks


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Best Noise Isolating


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Best For Running


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Best Ergonomic


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Best Overall
Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro

Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro

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Top 5 Best Kz Earphones

5. Easy KZ ZST – Best Bang for the Bucks


The Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid In-Ear Earphones are a great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive and high-quality pair of In-Ear Monitors.

I decided to call it a great bang for the buck because it is a very inexpensive IEM that provides a lot of value.


Let’s start with the feature that truly distinguishes those kz earphones from the rest of the pack, and it’s not the best bang for your buck; instead, it’s the design. They are certainly colorful, as the name says.

However, you’ll be noticed for more than just the color, as these have a very prominent profile or say look.

The earbuds are well-made, light, and comfortable to use in the ear. They are, as stated, a little bulky. Despite this, they are not uncomfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time.

The earphones themselves are comprised of what appears to be a low-cost plastic. However, they appear to be fairly durable.

What is important is that they are quite stylish and futuristic.

Despite being a low-cost choice, it has a detachable cable, and not every model has this.

What makes the detachable so useful is the ability to replace it even if it becomes damaged or worn, and you also have the option of replacing your present cable with a better one.

We all know that the sound quality of earbuds is affected by the cable. Additionally, There are also a number of cables available for purchase separately.


When it comes to sound quality, most KZ earphones prove to us why they are one of the best in the game.

The KZ ZST’s are dual-driver IEM’s that sport dynamic drivers with a mix of balanced armature driver.

Their use of sound separation works really well and provides for an overall balanced listening experience.

The bass comes in quite tight, while mid range sounds are very smooth and have a great separation between instruments and vocals, while the high frequencies, on the other hand, are quite bright with the treble performance being great overall.

So yeah, you can say that they sound great across all frequency ranges.

Note that, despite their balanced nature, they still remain bass-oriented headphones.

The bass is quite tight and punchy, the kind of bass to be felt at the bottom, yet it is nothing offensive and there’s no need for the help of an artificial bass booster since it has it all.

Why Should You Buy It?

They are a pair of headphones that bring great value to the table and not only that they have a fine tune to sound great across the entire frequency range.
Moreover, they’re cool design and the detachable cable is not something we should forget of.

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4. KZ ZSN – Best Noise Isolating


Despite the fact that the ZSN isn’t really new, I consider it to be one of the best Kz earphones releases to yet.

Like other Kz earphones, the company decided to combine a few new ideas to bring something fresh to the market; it is a cost-effective product that sounds excellent, looks nice, and has a reasonable amount of noise isolation on top of that.


This earphone is available in three different color schemes: black, silver purple, and cyan. They look good in all colours, doesn’t matter which option you go for.

The faceplates are composed of aluminum alloy and feature an intriguing zigzag line pattern.

The shells are constructed of an imported smoky grey resin and a single pinhole-sized bass port is found on the inside of the shell. The lower shell has that cool transparent look where you can see the cable of the earphones.

It occurs to me that The shell is identical to that of earlier KZ earphones, such as the KZ ZS10, KZ AS10 and KZ Zax, therefore KZ just reinvted the wheel, nothing groundbreaking.

The cable is another feature that it inherited from the KZ AS10 and Kz ZS10. The twisted 4-strand cable is the same, but it’s a little better and, most significantly, it’s free of the memory wire, that we all despised.

The noise isolation on those headphones is the star of the show; it’s fairly nice, and I’ll leave it at that; nothing innovative, but nothing terrible either.

You won’t trouble folks with your guilty pleasure music since the noise bleeding, or leak, is too low.


The KZ ZSN has a single dynamic driver and ba drivers beneath the hood.

The KZ ZSN has the well-known V-shaped sound profile, which leans heavily on bass, but is otherwise well-balanced with a slightly recessed mid range.

High frequencies/trebles are highly detailed, and you won’t miss any audio or tone because you’ll be hearing every tiny detail, if I may say so.

Overall, they sound fantastic across all frequency ranges, with nothing obtrusive, and noise isolation is an added bonus.

I’m immediately sold on their sound quality for the amount they’re asking.

Why Should You Buy It?

Because they are a pair of IEM, they are very small and have a flat design, making them easy to carry. Furthermore, the sound quality is excellent for the price. The cord is also a plus on those headphones, so this is a “steal” for the price, or I can go as far as saying among the best offerings on Kz earphone portfolio.

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3. Kz ATE – Best For Running


The ATE, a line of earbuds designed primarily for runners, would be the next earbuds from the best KZ earphone portfolio.

It’s starting to seem monotonous, but those are another pair of Kz earphones that cost less than $25. If you’re a runner or a sportsperson, in general,in general looking for some Hi-Fi quality at a low price, then what are you waiting for?


The Kz ATE has a bulky plastic driver unit enclosure, just as the other kz earphones. It has a gold accent and can be found near the driver unit, along the cable, and near the jack.

The KZ claims that the driving unit is constructed of high-quality copper, so they chose to brand it as well.

I’m not sure whether it’s just a myth, but copper drivers units appear to reduce sound leakage and produce better audio in general.

Overall, the comfort is what you’d expect from a pair of Kz earphones. The cable, on the other hand, is fairly sturdy and difficult to break due to its rubbery nature.

Just make sure you stwoe it properly because it might become entangled, which isn’t good despite its robustness.

Another thing that I like is that they are capable of providing a good amount of noise isolation, while it’s nothing groundbreaking, they will do enough to block some annoying noises while you are jogging


When it comes to audio, I’ll be the first to admit that for the price, they can certainly produce some serious sound.

The KZ ATE’s mid-range is its strongest suit. The clarity and depth of the mids alone make the KZ ATE valuable; the vocal performance is just outstanding.

Trebles, on the other hand, won’t have much glitter but won’t sound horrible either.

In terms of bass, it’s on the more than average side; you can hear the rumbles in a good way, but it’s not overly loud or aggressive, the mid bass on the other hand is something else.

Simply said, the KZ ATE’s overall sound profile is appropriate for someone who enjoys forward mids, the dynamic drivers are clearly doing a good job here.

Why Should You Buy It?

There are no better options if you are an audiophile and an athlete at the same time. It is one of those worthwhile buys that you can ever discover on the internet, with fantastic sounding mids and a solidly built IEM.

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2. KZ ES4 – Best Ergonomic


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a pair of terrific all-arounders with a comfortable yet ergonomic fit, a wide frequency range, and a low price tag.

The Kz ES4 is a set of IEMs that strive to fit into every spectrum while being more focused on bass. While Kz’s entire sound signature is bass, the ES4 is a little more oriented to bass.

Let’s take a look at their design and see how they stack up.


The design of the KZ ES4 is a scaled-down and simplified version of the KZ ZS10. The shells are nearly identical in appearance, with colored transparent plastic revealing the inside PCB and drivers. It comes in three colors: black, blue, and green, all of which look rather nice.

The KZ logo is engraved on the PCB on the rear; despite the plastic is transparent, it is colored, so the logo is not as visible as if it were etched directly onto the plastic; however, the “ES4” is plainly visible.

The build quality is on par with  other plastic-based Kz earphones, which means it’s good but not remarkable. Plastic appears to be of sufficient durability. There isn’t much else to say, good or bad.

Having said that, their ergonomic design is the star of the show; what makes it so unique?

This Kz earphone features a memory ear feature, which means it keeps its form around the ear, which is ideal for over-the-ear use because it prevents the cable from resting or dragging down on your ears.


Being another great pair of KZ earphones, they sure sound good, the driver configuration here is splendid. It’s actually pretty remarkable how good they are at producing a truly neutral sound, as if the sound is actually colored, but it still creates excellent audio and tones without any imbalance.

Because KZ headphones have a V-shaped profile, it’s no surprise that the ES4’s bass is emphasized. The mid-bass area, which has a strong presence and is significantly more audible.

As I previously stated, they are very comparable to the ZS10. In fact, they sound remarkably similar, with both suffering from upper mid range frequencies.

On the other hand, the ES4 shines in the treble department, giving it an edge over the rest of KZ earphones. It is presented in a comprehensive and detailed manner, with a good resolution.

Simply put, they are great, especially for bass heads.

Why Should You Buy It?

I enjoy how diverse the kz earphone lineup is; there’s a set of headphones for almost everyone. There are bass ones, sport ones, and I believe they’ve even launched gaming ones recently. Anyway, the ES4 are excellent all-arounders; if you’re a bass head, you should consider them; not only do they sound amazing, but their ergonomic shape is also appealing.

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1. Linsoul KZ ZS10 Pro – Best Overall


When Knowledge Zenith, a.k.a. Kz, originally released the Kz Zs10, it caused mayhem in the audio industry. Despite the fact that the Kz earphones portfolio now comprises over 30 earphones, the Kz zs10 remains the most popular and is still considered the best Kz earphone to this day.

Things have changed now that the Kz Zs10 has a successor, the Zs10 Pro, the new “monarch.”

There is actually a pair of earphones that can trade blows with the Zs10 Pro and that would be none other than the Kz zsx. The KZ ZSX is a pair of hybrid IEM earphones, unlike the Zs10 Pro who relies on it’s balanced armatures, the KZ ZSX doesn’t.

Anyway, the ZS10 Pro includes polished chrome faceplates and 5 drivers per side (1 dynamic driver + 4 balanced armatures), thus this bad boy means business and is here to change the game and continue the domination of its brother.


The KZ doesn’t stand out from the rest of the company’s earbuds in terms of design. The original ZS10, on the other hand, had a frail appearance. Things have become a lot better with the ZS10 Pro.

The face plates are a nice addition, and they appear to be made of a higher-quality plastic now.

The construction’s quality has also improved. The new face plate neatly completes the shell with three screws. The steel material on the Kz Zs10 Pro feels excellent for an IEM or say earphone at this price point.

The inside of the shell appears to be cleaner and more densely packed than the original.

Overall, the Kz Zs10 Pro are quite comfortable; you can wear them all day and not experience any discomfort.

The shells are smooth and rounded all throughout, and they fit into the concha easily.

The cable is inherited pretty much from the original Kz Zs10, it is the brown colored cable that we are familiar with if you owned a Kz Zs10.


The audio performance on Kz zs10 pro is what you’d expect from one of the top Kz earphones, as it’s powered by four balanced armatures and a dynamic driver, as I indicated earlier.

A balanced armature is made up of a coil wrapped around an armature, whereas a dynamic driver is used in most earphones since it can cover a wide range of frequencies and is very inexpensive.

Let’s start with the bass, which is just what we’d anticipate, punchy and strong, and I can picture bass heads delighted.

While the mids on the Kz Zs 10 earphone provide neutral, smooth, and warm tones, the mid-range has an excellent texture.

The trebles are decent, that’s all. These are a wonderful choice if you don’t like tape hiss or don’t want your earphones to have a sparkling top end.

The soundstage, detail retrieval, and imaging are all satisfactory.

Why Should You Buy It?

I enjoy how diverse the kz earphone lineup is; there’s a set of headphones for almost everyone. There are bass ones, sport ones, and I believe they’ve even launched gaming ones recently. Anyway, the ES4 are excellent all-arounders; if you’re a bass head, you should consider them; not only do they sound amazing, but their ergonomic shape is also appealing.

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The Best Kz Earphones: A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying a pair of Kz earphones, there are a few things you need to consider. Good audio is a must for sure, but there are also a few other things that you need to pay attention to, so let’s find out.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the first thing we notice on headphones when it comes to buying a pair of in-ear monitors. Kz IEMs sound nice in general; nonetheless, many sound signatures exist, and different people prefer different sound signatures.

Some want a nice balanced sound, while others prefer a richer sound, Bass heads on the other hand prefers a deep bass.

Sound Isolation

When it comes to finding the best earphones, sound isolation must be present. In this case, the in ear monitors are headphones that are more used in the professional field.

What I mean by that is that for a professional to solely focus on the sound quality the background noise should be kept at a minimum.

While there is no noise cancellation feature, the Kz in ear headphones do a great job at passively blocking the ambient noise, after all the external noise is the worst enemy of professional monitors.

Ear Size and Build Quality

The build quality is also another thing you need to consider. Most in ear headphones from KZ look quite cool and I think that’s due to their hybrid design. However, buying them solely for their transparent design is not a smart thing to do. They feel quite solid and should be able to survive some bumps.

You need to make sure they fit your ears and you feel comfortable. Most Kz in ear monitors come with different ear tips. There are usually ear tips for small ears, medium and large ones.

If you wonder what makes ear tips so important, is that they play a role in passive noise isolation and overall comfort.

With that being said make sure you buy something that will sit comfortably in your ear canal.

Frequency Response

Lucky us the Kz IEMs are known for having great frequency response, and that’s somehow what contributes to the audio quality.

The frequency response of a component refers to the range of frequencies or musical tones it can reproduce.

So yeah, make sure you always pay attention to the frequency response of your earphones. It doesn’t matter if they are cheap earphones, or high-end ones, all of them contain it.

Sub Bass and Bass

Because of their powerful bass, KZ earphones usually produce a rich sound and exciting sound.

The importance of the sub-bass stems from the fact that it is the primary source of deep, earth-shaking basslines and for providing low-end richness to other instruments.

Bass heads simply love the Kz in ear monitors, due to them being capable of providing more bass than most rivals on the market, and that’s the case with the most Kz lineup not only with the extra bass ones.

Don’t tune them too hard, you might damage the voice coil from all that bass

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kz earbuds a good brand?

When it comes to in ear monitors, Kz is among the best brands that offer great earphones.

What Is the best Kz in-ear monitor?

All of the Kz models sound good, but this mostly depends on the preferences, but If I were to pick one I would say that the KZ ZS10 Pro is still the greatest all-around option from the KZ in-ear monitor series.

Are KZ wireless headphones good?

While they are not bad, the wired ones provide a better overall sound quality, hence why I didn’t include any wireless ones.

Final Words

So we arrive at the end of the article. As I mentioned over and over again, Kz has one of the best IEMs out there.

No matter what you are planning to use them for, whether it is just listening to music, working out, or even gaming, they will provide great audio quality.

Not only that, but most of them come with a good design that will sit comfortably in your ears for hours, and at the same time, it will block the outside noise.

As I stated, the outside noise was quite a bothersome thing when it comes to professional monitoring or even in general. However, please take care of your surroundings. Sometimes the outside noise is important so you know what is happening around you.

While they are billed mostly as IEMs or professional headphones, including me I bill them that way too, they are also great for average Joes. You can just buy them and enjoy your daily tasks with some good sound, listening to music, daily computing such us sending e mail, tasks, work and much more.

This pretty much concludes everything, hopefully I was clear on explaining the headphones and their technical specifications. Happy listening.

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